Pre Order Guide

Pre-orders - General Information

If you find that your size is not stock you can buy it in advance as a pre-order.

First you must go to the pre-order collection page by clicking here

To pre-order choose the size(and the quantity) from the dropdown menu and then click the 'add-to-cart button which will appear like so: 'PRE-ORDER NOW'.

Once you click the 'PRE-ORDER NOW' button your order will then be added to the CART.  Add as many pre-orders to your cart as you wish. 

If you order an out-of-stock item and an in-stock item together, the pre-order will be put on back order and the in-stock item will be shipped to you the next day.

If you prefer to have all the items shipped at the same time please leave a note on the order. 

You can do this on the 'CART' page during the checkout procedure. We also recommend sending an email to our customer services email as a backup.

Once you have finished shopping and wish to checkout follow the system steps and purchase the items using our many payment methods.

After the transaction has completed you will receive two emails, one from our automated pre-order notification system and the second from our website system confirming your total order. 

**Please read the pre-order email carefully to ensure all your details are correct, as the items are made to order and if there any mistakes it must be rectified at the beginning of the process.

How long does it take my pre-order to arrive?

Typically delivery time is 3 working weeks (Monday to Friday) -  From the date, the ordered is placed.

Due to COVID19 the pre-order process there may be delays.

If a delay occurs we will inform all pre-order customers with any necessary updates by email.

Please note: it is important to register your email address and telephone number at the checkout so we can contact you with updates on your order.

You can choose to receive promotional and transactional emails or transactional email only in the preferences when you buy your item in the checkout section.

If you choose transactional you will receive correspondence regarding only your order.

So what happens after I place my order?

Pre-orders are sent in batches to our manufacturer who begins making the leggings to order.

The pre-order leggings are then sent to United Kingdom accompanying our other orders.

If pre-orders arrive ahead of schedule we will send you a notification by email or SMS. The new arrivals are then dispatched over the next 1-2 working days.

During the waiting period we do our upmost to contact you with reports on the progress of your order.

All going well in approx three weeks time, a brand new pair of custom made leggings will arrive at your shipping address without any further action from you.

If any delays or updates occur we will also inform you.

If I have questions about my pre-order who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at anytime during the waiting period if you have some questions.

Please direct your questions to the following resources ( or by email on