My story

Hi there, and welcome to my page...  I'm Sara Da Silva.

Getting into fitness has changed my life in so many ways. Not only in the exterior way of how I look and get complimented, but also in my interior health and energy. Because fitness is not something I do.

It is my way of life. And I know many of you know exactly what I mean.

But a lot of you ladies also might not live this way yet or don't really know the full power of transformation that fitness can give. So let me tell you my personal story.

I am a proud Brazilian woman who now lives in Europe. Just 6 years ago I left my country to go on a life-changing mission.


I moved to Ireland to study and learn the English language. The experience of learning the language opened me to so many ideas and feeling of hope and ambition.

I was so tired of the way that I looked and wanted desperately to make a change. But not something that was a few pounds, or a few sizes down...I wanted lasting and real change.

So only 2 short years ago I decided to completely change my destiny and train to become a Athlete and complete in Bikini Competitions.
I fulfilled my dream in 2013 when I won my first competition in Ireland, giving me the prestigious title of NIFMA, miss bikini / toned overall. What a moment!


Women would constantly ask me how I stayed dedicated to my goal, and what was some of my motivators to continually work out and be healthy. 

My answers would always be the same and became the leading force behind creating this brand.

You have to be completely honest with yourself and how you look now.

To become fit, it has to be a passion, a dedication to looking and feeling your best.


This idea continued to come back to me every night. I would think to myself, how could I help these women reach their goals as I have reached mine.

Then one day I just realized that a funky and colorful outfit would deftly make their workout more fun! Sara’das Fitness Wear was born in my dreams in this day.

I am dedicated to create a fitness line that is funky and fun, yet made with the highest quality.

In unique styles and patterns that make women feel amazing about how they look and push them to keep going.

When you wear my line I want you to feel motivated. I want my clothing to be matched with fitness, determination, healthy living, and victory.

Thank you for reading! 

Sara Da Silva.