Brexit & customs information

I live in Ireland and purchased an item from your online shop - will I have to pay customs charges for my item/items?

No, you will not pay customs charges when you buy from or the SDS shopping app.

Why do I not pay customs charges when I buy from your online shop or shopping?

Orders placed by customers in the Republic of Ireland are now fulfilled from our HQ in Ireland, so parcels are no longer sent from outside the EU(from the United Kingdom).

I need to return an item, do I need to post it in the UK?

No, customers located in Ireland return their orders to our Irish HQ, not the United Kingdom - find our address here

I ordered 2 items and one was shipped from Ireland and the other came from the UK, why did this happen?

Sometimes stock levels of popular products may run to zero, either in Ireland or the United Kingdom. In an effort to avoid delays it is sometimes necessary to send part of an order from another location, i.e the UK. Sometimes this applies to certain products which are out of season and not stocked in Ireland as they have been phased out.

If this happens will I be charged customs on the single item coming from the UK?

No, single items posted from the UK will not be charged customs fees, once the value of the item is not equal to or greater than £135.00. (total coat inc shipping).

If I buy from Ireland or any EU country can I pay for my order in Euros instead of pound sterling GBP?

Yes, you can now view all products and their prices in euro and pay in euro at the checkout.

How do I select a different currency?

When you open our website, on the homepage,  scroll right down to the bottom of the(or any page). Amongst the menu items, you will see a flag selector menu. Using your mouse select the country flag relevant to you and your currency will appear. The website will automatically display your chosen currency as you browse the shop pages.

Sara Da Silva Shopping App

On the SDS app, open the sidebar menu(indicated by lines on the top left of the screen), then scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the currency you would like to display. The prices will now reflect your home currency at the converted rate.

What should I do if  my question is not answered here?

Please contact our customer services team by email at or ask us a question using the chat messenger on our website.

Do you have an FAQ(frequently asked questions) page?

Yes, you can access it here or from the menu at the top and bottom of the website and "help" menu on our shopping app.