Three cities five days one incredible experience.

Three cities five days one incredible experience. | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

We’ve been wanting to do a road trip for a long time. Getting out and about, meeting our customers and seeing our products ‘in action’ as it were has been on the top of our priority list for a while.

Sara Da Silva and Irish food blogger Gina Dina posing for a photograph in vegan restaurant Trim N Healthy in Trim Ireland

So with a trip to Ireland in the diary, we figured it was time to seize the opportunity and put our plans into action! And what better way to spend time than through a perfect blend of visiting loved ones whilst making some new memories with customers and brand fans along the way.

Sara Da Silva and some loyal customers posing for a photo in Fat Tony's Cafe in Galway Ireland

So a schedule was planned out, visiting 3 cities in 5 days. Thanks to our close communications with customers and local contacts, we were inundated with offers of venues and ideas to make our pop-ups have maximum enjoyment for everyone who came along.

From a joint fitness class in Dublin to chats over coffee and cakes in Cork, we had a brilliant time meeting our customers, hearing about their stories, showcasing our products and just having an all-together great time! 

Sara Da Silva and Gina Daly pose with a large green courgette in a vegan restaurant in Co Meath Ireland

Feedback from everyone we met along the way was hugely positive and it was really quite humbling to see so many people make the effort and take the time to come and say hello.

After just over a week we returned home, exhausted but exhilarated. There really is nothing like meeting our customers, seeing how much they love the products and knowing that we are creating something that is making them feel so positive.


Road trips such as this are now going to be a firm part of our activity fixture moving forwards and we will be looking at ways to make each one even more rewarding and motivating for everyone that comes along.

So, to wrap up, it's a huge thank you from Simon and me to everyone who came along and met with us. You really are the reason that we do what we do, and with your support, we know that the opportunities for all of us will be limitless! 

Finally a very special thanks to Fat Tony's Cafe, Active You Gym, Perry Street Market Cafe, Cnoc Crossfit and the Blarney Castle Hotel for their generosity and warm hospitality. 

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