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Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear - Our new logo | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear


Friday 10th October 2015 was a very special day for Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear after months of meetings and numerous design changes, we received our new logo.

It was designed to our specifications by digital agency Sozo, who helped us create a professional brand, for our soon to be, 1-year-old company to help identify Sara Da Silva on our main stomping ground, the internet. It will also help us be recognisable in the retail space, and throughout the wider gym fashion and apparel community. 

As I'm sure you'll agree with the way it appears on the website and in the images below they did a fantastic job! We are extremely happy with the creation and are really proud to show it off to the world.


Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear black and white branding and logo


The logo itself is inspired by,  yes you guessed it...Brazil, and uses key elements, such as the globe and the stars from the Brazilian flag as a template. Additional design concepts include incredibly well-designed web fonts and a large "S" striking through its centre. The "S" is in fact based on a beautiful graffiti script re-designed to give it an edge.

And what about the branding? (the branding being the written text to the right of the logo or our brand name) Well, this was a question which to the outside observer seems initially pretty obvious when you read it "Sara Da Silva, Brazilian Fitness Wear". My name plus the products that i sell,  but at the time of design it was not as clear, and for anyone who has been in this position knows, choosing a brand name is more difficult than it seems.

During the 4 years that I lived in Ireland, I wasn't aware how different my name was from everyone else(i'm mostly referring to my Irish friends) I never gave it much thought, as anyone would with their own name. 

My surname in Brazil "Silva" is a very common name and sounds unextraordinary when uttered amongst family and friends, but in this part of the world, that appears to be very different.

According to my husband Simon, it is a very an exotic name and was high on his list from an early stage in the process.

I still cannot believe it when I hear my name referenced as the company name, but I am really starting to warm to the fact, the more I look at the images of the logo and branding.

As a native of Brazil, selling leggings produced in Brazil, it was imperative that we paid respect and homage to this great country, the fabulous textiles it produces and of course its beautiful flag.

Our mission was to design a logo which was self-explanatory, shouted Brazil without being in your face, was highly recognisable as Sara Da Silva, and was very distinguishable amongst other brands.

The brand had to seamlessly tie together everything that had taken place previously, from our very beginnings on Facebook, to the current day and our website.

The next key component to be designed was, of course, our logo. The "S" which heads this blog post and which is below this paragraph, is to us what the tick is to Nike and the 3 stripes are to Adidas. We believe that is instantly recognisable and will leave a positive impression on everyone who lays eyes on it. 

The logo will be a mainstay on our website and will feature regularly on social media, future clothing designs and in many other exciting areas which we can't mention now.

And what of the colour scheme?! Well, since we began our journey over a year and a half ago now, our ethos has been simple, to be a colourful brand, in a world dominated by dark and plain coloured gym leggings, we are bright and beautiful.

It is almost by chance that we stumbled across the two colours which are now combined to make our new logo. The bright blue, and the pink where used in the main body of our early website themes, being originally temporary colours to cover the mundane white/grey on the original website theme.

As time passed by we fell more in love with the colours. The blue and pink are vibrant, bright, attractive and feminine, without being overly so.

And what for the future;  well expect to see this logo in a wide variety of beautiful colour combinations, as I have previously mentioned you will see it on future garments and apparel, as well many future publications and campaigns.

Well I hope this article has given you a good insight into how we designed and chose our branding, We really hope you like it as much as we do, and we would love if you could share this post or just spread the news if you do. All the links are below.

Thanks for reading!

Sara Da Silva X

Please let us know what you think of our new brand, by leaving a comment below.


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