Keeping the leggings UP!

Keeping the leggings UP! | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear
Yes! I am obsessed with leggings and Im not afraid to admit it, but heres the thing the obsession is not just about possessing and wearing the most beautiful legging i can find,  its about finding the perfect legging. What do i mean by the perfect legging? Is there such a thing, well there is, well almost.
For the past two years i have been designing, re-designing, designing and designing leggings, in all manners of shapes and sizes. Some were great and some not so great.
For instance it took around two months for us to get the slipping rear waste band problem fixed. What was this? Well a common complaint on early leggings, was a little problem with the rear waste band slipping down the bum when doing squats and bending over.
There were lots of re-makes of the same leggings, and lots of disappointments when the new redesigned leggings arrived and with the anticipation of a fix to the problem. But many times the problem didn't resolve and it was back the drawing board again.
To cut a long story short we did get there in the end, it was our skilful tailor and his experience to produce a piece that didn't slip when squatted in. 
So fast forward to June 2016. We are almost two years old as a business, we are just about to launch a new line up of products, and not only are the patterns which i am renowned for are new.
Launching on Thursday 16th June is our new range of legging and Capri pants.
They feature a brand new design feature which I am really excited to announce, and something that ties in with that will explain the title of this blog.
Working closely with our tailor in Brazil we have produced what we call our invisible elastic waistband.
Designed by our very own "estilista"  or fashion designer in English, the new waistband feature is so perfectly sewn into the waist it is barley visible.
The seams have been hidden within the waist band and it has been fixed with stiching on the top and the bottom to ensure it does not fold upwards, a common elastic waste problem.
It is also high rise so the elastic does not cut into the hip area of tight on certain body types.
Now the major advantage, which i getting to, and one of the main reasons the design feature was added, is to prevent leggings slipping DOWN! Thank you say as i finally spit it out.
Yes ladies, squatting, running, dancing, burpees you name it the leggings will not move! 
Not only that, they hold everything in the right place and will give you the piece of mind and confidence to get stuck in whatever activity you partake in. 
Now a note on the sizing of the new leggings. On the original high waisted Sara Da Silva leggings a size down was probably recommended to esnure the compression of the tight legging would guarantee firm gripping legging when exercising.
With the introduction of the new invisible elastic waistband, we recommend sticking to your usual size and maybe even consider a size up due to the elastic waist which will grip firmly on all but the smallest waistlines.
And where can i find the new leggings and Capris? Well head over to the latest arrivals page and check them out. The link is below, or you can click on the main drop-down menu and click on the "latest arrivals" tab.
As always don't hang around our styles do sell out fast, so grab yours now and don't be disappointed.
For questions on sizing or any other aspect of the I can be contacted on the live chat on the website or on my Facebook Page and VIP group. The links are below.
Thanks for reading!

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