HIGH FASHION - The end of an era

HIGH FASHION - The end of an era | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear


Normally when production of an item of clothing finishes nobody really takes any notice, after all its just a material object, but as most can probably testify as humans we tend to fall in love with the most inanimate of objects.

For those oh so simple creatures men, its usually a car, or to a lesser extent their favourite and very smelly gym trainers.

For the ladies, that expensive handbag, a pair of fancy shoes, diamond ring or more appropriately in our case that pair of Sara Da Silva "High Fashion" leggings.

The High Fashion (HF) legging which has been on sale for over a year has been a firm favourite with Sara Da Silva fans ever since the first batch appeared on our original website.

Those of you who own a pair will understand how special they really are. To say they are are amazing really would be an understatement.

The fabric is light , super comfortable and fits like a second skin, and not only that you know its not going anywhere because of that beautiful high waist made in contrasting black material.

Under the right angle of light the gorgeous black embossed pattern becomes apparent and remaining subtle when the light wears thin. 

But i think everyones favourite aspect of these incredible leggings is their versatilely. Not only is it a star in the gym but also sleek and sexy for those nights out, or for those early morning dashes from the gym to the local coffee house on the way to the office.

In total 20 pairs will be produced which means availability is extremely limited. And why the final 15 you ask? Well from the beginning there were 20 pairs, but at the time of writing this the number has swiftly fallen to 15, and the number continues to fall.

To get your hands on pair in advance you can beat the Q and the disappointment of missing out and to pre-order right now "click here to buy" or take a risk that by the time they arrive there will be a pair available and in your size. So let me apologise in advance for disappointing you.

So the message is simple don't hang around, head to the High Fashion page on our website and get your very own and last of its kind High Fashion right away.

Regular user of my VIP Facebook group can drop me a PM (private message) and I'll send you a link

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See you on the other side!

Sara D.Silva 

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