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Motivation can be a huge ally in order to achieve your exercising routine successfully  but, it’s not the only ally you need. For some people, gym wear is a mere detail, something unimportant. An old tee and sweatpants do the trick. However, it’s important to remind ourselves that comfort doesn’t necessarily equal best results. With the right outfit, you can sweat properly, engage your muscles easily and protect your skin sensibility. 

To help you pick the right outfit, we’ve made a list with 6 tips about what NOT to wear at the gym. Check it out: 

1)100% cotton clothing


As comfortable and lightweight as this material may seem, cotton clothes absorb humidity easily and therefore, take longer to dry. This makes your body heavier and hampers movement execution.

2) Top with no support


A sports top with no support for the breasts can make you uncomfortable and worried about your appearance, directly hindering your performance, but will also leave your pectoral region ligaments and tissues unprotected, causing a prolonged stretch in that area. 

3) Wornout shoes


It works like a tire: it doesn’t provide adherence, putting you at risk of slipping, not to mention damage risk that comes with its long-term use. In order to have a solid balance and to prevent joint damage, as well as muscle pain, it’s extremely important to replace your pair of shoes every three years or yearly, based on your exercise frequency. 

3) Accessories like jewelry 


Accessories that hang, dangle, or weigh too much should be kept in the gym locker if you can’t leave them at home. Not only they could hinder your exercise execution but they could cause minor or serious injuries. 

4) Outfits that are too tight


Just like 100% cotton clothes, tight clothes can hinder some movements, in addition to not allowing for an adequate perspiration. Remember: your body needs to breathe. Lifting weights, bending your knees or even moving your arms can become a hassle when your outfit doesn’t fit your body comfortably.  

5) Perfumes or lotions with a strong scent


When your body temperature rises, your body odor tends to become stronger as well. That’s why strong fragrances can cause extreme discomfort and even headaches. To avoid any kind of problems in that sense, the tip is “less is more”. A deodorant (odorless) should suffice. 

6) Caps and beanies


Following the same logic, caps and beanies can overheat your head, causing physical pain and directly impacting your performance at the gym. 

Remember we said the body needs to breathe? Unless you’re exercising outdoors and need an to protect you from the weather, leave your cap at home.

See? The outfit you wear to work out is a vital part of it and should be carefully picked. Choose clothes for sports practice, fast absorbing and made of lightweight material, making it easy for your body to sweat. Choose special cuts that give way to movement without causing friction such as tank tops.

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