Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference - New Year New You

Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference - New Year New You | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

Happy New Year Girls,

Today is the day!!! First Monday of 2016, the day that we all have been waiting to give the first step for our "new years resolution".

To make today even more special I  have invited an amazing guest to give us some essential tips to start the year with the righ mind set to achieve your goal. Zita Alves is a Healthy Coach and personal trainer,  she runs Zest Bootcamp in Bath alongside her Personal Training business as well as her new online Total Body Shape Up Plan that anyone, anywhere can do.

Zita Alves is a weekly columnist for Bath Weekend Magazine, winner of " Healthy Business of the Year" in 2015 Maximise Awards and winner of the "Best Fitness Business in 2015" in Bath Independent Business Awards.

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Happy New year ladies - hope you had a great time and are ready to kickstart 2016 into action.

You’ve seen it already right,  “New Year New You” !! Everywhere and maybe it fills you with dread as you think of all the nice things you are going to have to give up, however I want you to think of all the nice things you can add into your life this month :)

Why not focus on adding something new in each week and creating long term habits that will result in a healthy lifestyle that gives you energy and helps you to look and feel great.

Just a quick bit of background about me… I’m now aged 44 (only for a few weeks more) and am the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been after a career change to become a personal trainer 17 years ago. I am a former fatty, previous non-exerciser who had bad asthma, was 3 clothes sizes bigger, bad skin, no energy, stressed out etc etc. My passion is to help women to feel better as I know it is possible and it really is worth it.

So starting on Monday give these 4 a go…

Start the day with some hot water and fresh lemon try to add some fresh ginger to help to boost your liver for great healthy. Later in the day try switching some of your coffee or teas for herb or fruit teas, so that you naturally reduce the amount of teas and coffees you have.

We got watch out every step, it’s so easy to get into the habit of having a latte, capuccino, every time we see a sit down in a nice Coffee Shop, and the possibility of it end up up being with a sweet treat is high.  I love redbush tea (the Earl grey version) which is naturally decaffeinated and also when I go out lemon and ginger or some of the tasty berry ones (Nerro Raspberry & Ginseng is great) but be sure to let them brew for a long time to get the full flavour.

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Add some Greens on your meals Add an extra portion of green vegetable or salad to each meal, so if you never have any veg in the morning then adding some spinach to your smoothie or eggs would be perfect. If at lunch you have a sandwich then switch it for a salad. At night if you eat pasta then why not add a huge green salad on the side.

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Drink More Water -Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. In order to do this you will likely have to carry water with you when you leave the house, make sure you have a bottle at work or use an app to track your consumption. Whatever strategy works best for you then use it and most importantly if it doesn’t work then try something different until you find what does work.

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Skin Brush Everyday before your shower especially if, like me, you have very poor circulation (I’m half Portuguese so not designed for the cold weather!). At this time of year our bodies are very sluggish and anything we can do to help out our lymphatic system is a bonus. Skin brushing not only gets rid of the dead skin cells but also helps the lymph - be sure to use long strokes towards the heart or lymph nodes in your armpits, groin and behind the knees. You may feel your skin tingle which is a great sign.




Ladies something else you can add into January is a little core workout so why not download my free 10 minute core workout here. You get the PDF with photos and teaching points as well as access to a video of me doing the exercises in real time so you can do them with me :)

Zita Alves is wearing Black Panter Capri.

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Zia Alves


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