Claire McGlynn - New brand ambassador

Claire McGlynn - New brand ambassador | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

Claire McGlynn – New brand ambassador

Today we are delighted to officially announce that Claire McGlynn has joined the Sara Da Silva team as brand ambassador.

Claire is a Dublin (Ireland) based fitness entrepreneur, who runs a successful personal training business throughout the city a career which has been built around a fruitful career as an athlete, and a strong passion for health and fitness. 

What differentiates Claire's personal training business from the competition is her vast array of coaching skills and knowledge gained through years of training as an athlete, accompanied by theoretical knowledge gained while studying and achieving her extensive list of coaching qualifications at an upper tier level. (listed at the end of the article)

She an advocate of “clean” eating, with nutrition principles based upon the Paleo Diet, and is a proponent of its use to achieve higher levels of performance as an athlete, with Claire herself being a prime example of how great nutrition and high performance come hand in hand and exist as one.

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Claire is a very well know figure in the fitness community, and still actively competes in Olympic powerlifting tournaments and events, with her next competition taking place at the national club championship on the 30th January. 

Claire is also a keen cross fitter, and recently competed in the Filthy 150 at the end of last year in National Basketball arena in Dublin, and one of her bases as a coach is in 353 Crossfit gym.

Highlights of Claire’s career to date have included, All-Ireland titles in 400m sprinting, numerous victories in her weight class at the Irish powerlifting championships, and Irish powerlifting records. To this day she still holds the Irish record for the most weight lifted for the clean and jerk (63kg class).

Other accolades include; she was a member of the Irish powerlifting team, competing on a number of occasions at the European Weightlifting championships (see video below) representative sprinting, and she even had a short spell with the Irish Women’s 7’s rugby team, but withdrew to concentrate on Olympic lifting.



Claire came to our attention last November during a trip back to Ireland for the Wellness Workshop event in Galway city. We decided to make the most of our trip, using the time to call to see friends and clients (who are now good friends) in Dublin on the way back from Galway.

One stop we made on our route was to 353 cross fit gym to see our good friends Peter Burke and Gary Featherstone. Together they own and run a fantastic cross fit box in South Dublin 4 area, one we highly recommend. 

Earlier in the year we got contacted by Peter, as he wanted to produce some unique personalized leggings for 353, and we were keen to call in to see the guys, their gym(which we only ever seen pictures online) and get feedback on their new leggings.

As we entered the gym in the late afternoon before the evening class rush had started, we noticed in the corner of the gym a lone female individual performing what looked like olympic lifts.(with great form I must add)

Video below; 

Claire performs a box squat in a pair of Denim Camo Sara Da Silva leggings, definitive evidence that they are indeed "squat proof!"



The women was so focused on performing her sets that she didn’t pay any notice to our presence or to our “hello!” which we shouted at the door. With more weight on the bar than most people weigh themselves, we decided not to disturb her deep focus and concentration any further, and we continued our search for Peter and Gary.

Meeting Peter at the reception he informed us that the women working out alone was his good friend Claire McGlynn, a champion power lifter, former sprinter, personal trainer, Olympic weight lifting coach, cross fit athlete, the list goes on. Jokingly he suggested that we wait until she completed her set until we approached her :)


On completion of her exhausting sets (exhausting to watch that is) I made an approach and struck up what turned out to be a really pleasant and enjoyable conversation. Gone was the razor sharp focus and back what seemed to be a really nice and friendly girl, a stark contrast to the very serious athlete we saw a moment ago. 

Fast forward to today, we can say now " the rest is history" Claire and ourselves continued to stay in touch, and a few Skype calls later Claire was on board.  She is now an official brand representative for Sara Da Silva Brazilian Fitness Wear, promoting us not only in Dublin, and Ireland but across the world.

One of the major benefits of becoming a brand ambassador is of course the supply of leggings, so from January onwards she will be fitted head-to-toe in Sara Da Silva leggings and gym wear from 2015/2016 range.



I really could go on and on about Claire, but it is probably best if you head over to her brand new website and see it for yourself. It’s a fantastic website and is overflowing with great content and information about Claire. In addition to that there is some really interesting reading on nutrition, and how it can improve your life. Check it out, you wont be disappointed!

Before i finish i would like to say how massively excited we are to team up with Claire, she is a huge addition to the team and to the brand, and we are incredibly privileged to have this opportunity to work alongside her in 2016.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic January and new year!

Sara X

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Claire list of achievements

Athletics Coach (Athletics Ireland – Level 1)

  • Olympic Weightlifting Coach (Weightlifting Ireland – Level 1)
  • Personal Trainer (Level 4, European Association of Health and Fitness)
  • Gym and Group Instructor (Level 4, European Association of Health and Fitness)
  • Present National and International Olympic Weightlifter with Prodigy Barbell Weightlifting Club
  • Ranked 5th in Ireland in Olympic Weightlifting
  • 2012, 2013 Irish Champion and Record Holder in Olympic Weightlifting (58kg weight class)
  • Current Irish record holder in Clean and Jerk (63kg class)
  • Past National and International Sprinter
  • Past National and Under 23 400m Champion in Athletics

Claire is also a sponsored Athlete with Optimum Nutrition and The Punnet Health Store


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