7 features your fitness wear must have!

7 features your fitness wear must have! | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

Before buying an activewear there are lots of things to consider besides the price. Especially in times of economic crisis, people tend to consider the lowest price as the main factor when deciding to buy something - this applies to fitness outfits but also to clothes, accessories, and electronics. But is it really the most important thing? What if you bought a good quality leggings that would cost a bit more? If it’s the right outfit, your investment will pay itself off. Wanna see?

1- Looks
We’re starting with an important feature but it is actually the least important thing. Can a fitness outfit be all black? Yes, it can. But let’s be honest, a little color, a little fabric mixing, a small detail here and there… These things make our faces beam! We need our outfits to be useful and functional but if they’re pretty, that’s even better!






2- Breathability
Your skin is an organ, the largest one actually, and it needs to breathe. The fitness outfit can (and must) allow that in two different ways: through cutouts or mesh, OR by using fabrics that contain this technology, allowing for the sweat to evaporate. A damp skin can easily become irritated, chafed, and you can even develop mycosis since this condition loves the humidity + temperature rise combo.

 3-Breast support

The fitness top is, without a doubt, the best option to work out. They’ve been developped to maintain the breasts in their place, reducing their movement and avoiding the skin fibers to break, causing problems such as stretch marks or sagging.

 4- Flexibility

Your outfit must allow for ample movements required by differents types of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Ballet, Stretching, running and many others. All of that without bruising or creating marks on our body!


5- Perfect fit

The fitness outfit needs to fit the body closely, it can’t be loose on the waistline, for example, or too tight, hindering blood flow.


6- Compression

A good outfit needs to offer compression in certain areas such as the abs and hips. These are important areas that support other muscles so an adequate compression improves the posture and avoids pain after physical activities.

7- Pleasant feel

Is there anything better than touching a nice, soft fabric? Now imagine that this fabric will touch your skin when you work out, while you’re making efforts to reach your goals. There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable and motivated when it’s workout time!


Buy quality with fitness fashion wear specialists! If you need any help, you can count on me via online chat to suggest outfits, ask questions about fabrics and styles, etc…


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