My leggings Addiction !!!!

My leggings Addiction !!!! | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

There are so many of you who keep inspiring me with all the dedication you have to your fitness careers and lifestyles. I am so happy to be part of that. Each one of you brings a smile to my face when I see your pictures on social media, and I keep on designing my leggings because of you and your love for them!


I wanted to share some of the stories you have shared with me (all have permission of course!). 


First up, this is Ruth Clarke-Smith, who is an awesome fitness instructor who live the fitness lifestyle, and who also loves her Sara da Silva leggings! She shares this love on social media and we adore her for that!


Ruth says...."My business is CyFit Mullingar based in Midlands Ireland.Teaching fun fitness classes are my passion and I love to arrive in class in happy, bright coloured gear that exudes warmth and enthusiasm and boy have I found the supplier for me! 

"I discovered Sara da Silva through social media and started to browse her supply of funky leggings and instantly I was hooked. I love the fact that I have so many styles to choose from, and the temptation never ends. The quality is top class for comfort and durability. My biggest problem will be space for all my Sara da Silva leggings but what a wonderful burden that is. Keep up the good work Sara and look forward to many more pairs arriving in my door!"

Ruth Collection

Ruth's Collection


Thanks Ruth, you rock!

Know more about Cyfit Mullingar - Click Here

Second we have the fitness running queen, Jo Baynes-Kubiak. Jo is a personal trainer and sports masseur. We all know we need to take more time with the physiological element of looking after our bodies, and Jo is an expert in that. Based in Gloucestershire, Jo can be found here: As well as having healing hands, Jo likes her legs to look good, and that's how she became a fan of Sara da Silva.

Jo says...."I was first introduced to Sara Da Silva (what a fabulous name!) leggings by a gym friend posting a picture on Facebook of her new leggings.  I had never seen leggings like it!  They looked fabulous quality and were the most amazing bright and patterned leggings I had ever seen. 

So you can imagine my joy when I found out she wasn’t a large London based company but a small local business that I could actually talk to!



"For me it all started about 2 years (and 18 pairs of legging) ago. When I brought my first pair, which due to the amazing quality of the leggings, I still have to this day. Sara was lovely, helping with size, legging thickness letting me try before I brought, she couldn’t have been more helpful and I’m so very pleased we’ve become friends.


"My main source of exercise is running; I’m currently training for a 10k and then on to my 6th Great North Run (16 half marathons in total).  I train at least four times a week, weights twice, pilates twice and then the scheduled training run along with these. I use Sara Da Silva leggings for all of these.


"I can testify to them being squat, lunge (and any other crazy weights training my PT puts my legs through each week) proof, they show nothing and move with me through ever stage of my training.


Some are better for running as they are tighter on the waist belt or have an in built elastic waist (stitched in so they don’t twist over in the wash which I can confirm all of my Nike ones have done and is beyond annoying), so I keep these for my longer training runs. I have both long lengths for winter, colder training and some Capri for when the sun shines. Sara really has thought about the sports and times of year these leggings will be used.


"I cannot end this without singing the praises of the colours and patterns that she offers, especially after all it was this that made me look on the website in the first place. They are amazing and I believe no one else offers such a range of colour and design anywhere, including the big brand names and if they do they offer one style it is often at a much larger price. There is always another pair that I want!"


Wow, Jo, thanks so much!


I love to hear from happy customers, and I encourage you to share your love of fitness and leggings on this blog, so if you want to talk about your fitness passion and why you love your Sarada's, then get in touch via



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