The 'must-have' black high fashion legging

The 'must-have' black high fashion legging | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear


Ladies, they're back! - the ultimate in fashion fitness apparel. Yes, our much-desired black high fashion leggings are without doubt the most beautiful legging you will ever possess. It's a multi-function legging that turns heads for the right reasons. Our fabulous stunning black embossed material is perfect for every occasion.....


  • Zumba - you got the moves in these!
  • HIIT workout - you have those squats nailed!
  • Pilates - your 100 never felt so good!
  • Yoga - you know everyone's admiring your downward dog!
  • Nightclub - perfection personified!

    Wait up! Nightclub? Yes, the high fashion leggings aren't just for your exercise regimen. I like to wear mine with heels! For real! Yesterday, I wanted to wear the high fashion in black, but I was in a sassy mood, and so I paired them with my favourite black peep toe heels, and it was a magic, inspired moment!  That's the beauty of this perfect pair - workout, day wear or night wear - you can jazz them up and create a sensation with heels or boots, or you can keep it real, but totally rocking it, with your trainers. 

    The high fashion legging is special has beautiful lines when it catches the light - it's very subtle but striking at the same time. These are my go to leggings because their tailored design ensures the legging fits perfectly on my body, but the Lycra enhanced fabric allows ultimate freedom and movement. So many of you can't get enough of the black high fashion legging, which is a great alternative to the bright and funky leggings that we also sell. We say that the high fashion legging is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and confident - and your feedback tells me this really is the case.

    What's also special about these is that they are non-see through, and I know that many of you have had trouble with leggings in the past that show far too much! This is so not the case with the black high fashion legging. And the high waistband......a luxury not to be sniffed at! My friend said she had done a HIT workout and played three games of netball in her high fashion leggings only last week and she didn't have to pull them up once - that's what I like to hear!

    And, of course, for those of you who are really sweating it out (whether that be workout or dancing in a nightclub), the high fashion leggings have zero perspiration build up and the Lycra yarn technology never loses its shape. 

    I always love to hear how you're wearing your leggings - don't forget to tag me in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your pics and tell me what you love about them! {add in all the social media info here}

    You can buy your high fashion leggings in black here while stocks last! Don't miss out!


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