It's Chico Time with Chico's BlockFit Fitness Craze!

It's Chico Time with Chico's BlockFit Fitness Craze! | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear
Block Fit! Block Fit! Block Fit!
Last weekend I was invited by Elishah Crutchley join a fitness party held at Telford College Arts & Technology to a charity Fitness event with Chico!
When something is touted as 'one of the top new fitness trends of 2016', I pretty much have to go and find out more about it. So I did just that this weekend in Telford and spent a very fun few hours at Chico's BlockFit Masterclass (wearing my fabulous leggings of course!). Yes, that's right, Chico from the X Factor! He's making all sorts of waves in the fitness industry.
Block Fit is “4 workouts 1 class”, billed as 'a revolutionary all in one Fitness brand that fuses Dance, Combat, Hi & Low (interval training) and Yoga inspired moves, and meditation.'
The website says it is a "mind body soul approach performed to easy-to-follow blocks of choreography to original uplifting music. Block Fit is the middle path of the fitness industry. It takes you through a journey of self discovery.'
 I like the idea of fusing exercise and meditation, which is such an important part of the exercise regimen that people often forget. Apparently participants burn between 650 and a 1000 calories, and judging by the positive reaction and the love it’s been getting, the fitness industry looks like it is ready to adopt Block Fit for good.
Chico was so much fun, with a real energy that lifted the whole session. The moves are straightforward, and you follow the routine, with Chico leading the way. Everyone loved him, and he had a real connection with the participants. As much as I love to dance I really enjoyed the meditation, he asked us to close our eyes and go to our happy place, I did close my eyes and wente straight to Brazil with my loved ones. I finished the session feeling good not only because I had worked my body but also because i have worked my mind!

I was over the moon to see people wearing my leggings - their style really seemed to fit with the vibe of the Block Fit Masterclass. I think I would like to see Chico in some though!
Me and the lovely Jac Cassidy
If you want to try Block Fit, there are other Masterclasses taking place around the UK. I encourage you to try it! And wear some of my leggings, and show me how amazing you look in them!
Elishah Crutchley-
Jac Cassidy-

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