Go for it Claire Crowther

Go for it Claire Crowther | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear
Go for it @clairetattooedfitnessgirl
Our very own Sara da Silva ambassador, the amazing @clairetattooedfitnessgirl on Instagram, aka Claire Crowther is going to be making some serious waves this weekend at the Pure Elite Competition in Kent and we are so excited to meet her!
Claire has been rocking our leggings in her training and showing off her amazing form in them. We're so ecstatic to watch her in action and can't wait to cheer her on (the Brazilian wooping will be me - Sara!). Claire's been hitting it hard on the exercise, and particularity on the diet - we read her blog avidly! She's great for giving tips, and her story is inspirational.
This was Claire's latest Instagram posting about little old us!
Claire's blog is called http://sharedgains.net/ and is  a health and fitness motivational blog created by Claire and her husband Stephen, known as Mr and Mrs C. Their blog was created by the couple following their transformation from [their words follow!] 'lazy fat couch potatoes to fit, ripped and shredded athletes'! We love them for that!
Mr and Mrs C are a regular couple. They live and work in the UK and both work in jobs outside of the fitness industry. They have a daughter, a cat, a bunny rabbit and a mortgage! They enjoy watching films, socialising and listening to music, and represent the ‘average British family’. The only thing not average about this couple is their passion and drive for health and fitness and how they overcame their old habits to become the ‘fit couple’ that they are today.
Claire is a fabulous Sara da Silva ambassador and is always picture perfect in our leggings. She represents motivation, spirit, resilience and inner and outer strength - that's everything we love and endorse too.  Best of luck on tomorrow Mrs C! 
You can find out more about competing in the Pure Elite competition here: http://pure-elite.com/

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