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Sizing guide video | Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear

How to use our dynamic sizing chart and pick the correct size leggings for you

Below is a transcription of our sizing guide video.

Hi guys, its Sara Da Silva and today I am here to talk with you about SIZING!!!!!

What size should I wear on Sara Da Silva leggings is definitely the most popular questions I get every day on my Whatsapp Facebook and Instagram.

So, if you are used to buying online you know that sometimes to pick the right size from a new brand that you never bought from before can be a challenge.

So in today's video guide, I will explain to you how to pick the right size of Sara Da Silva leggings.

So the 1st thing you need to know is your size! Know your size! 

Today we are going to be using as a reference the UK sizing chart because we are in the UK and the UK size chart is the most popular used in this part of the world.

But if you are in the USA or Australia you can do the comparison on our website.

I am a size 10, so if you don't know your size grab a pair of Jeans and look at the back of the Jeans at the tag and it's going to say size 10 or 12 or number you are.

The next thing you need to do is to find the sizing chart. So the sizing chart can be found on the product page or on the sizing page. 

So I’m here now on the website, and I am going to be navigating on the website to show how to find the sizing page.

So from the homepage click the hamburger menu on the top left on the website and you will find here sizing chart.

Just wait a little for the size to download, depending on your connection speed and the sizing guide is going to appear here.

So Remember I am size 10-12, UK 10-12 so I click here and automatically the dynamic sizing chart will show you your uk size.

In that case size medium.

So, show you the waist size, the waistline size, hips and all the measurements.

So, I guys I have just show you how to find the sizing chart on the size page, so to make it more convenient for you we have placed the size chart in different pages around the website.

So, on every product page, you can also find the sizing page, so in this example, we have the shorts and when you just above the add to cart you can find the sizing chart. So again you just click here and then you have the same information.

So, my example I am size 10, here 10-12 is going to highlight the SDS size chart for me.


So to locate the size chart on your phone its the same process so from the homepage on the SDS website you click here on the top left the menu is going to appear then you click on sizing

Wait a little bit…it depends on your connection

Then the size chart will appear,

So, again you remember your UK size, so you click over your size, my size was size 10 and automatically the size chart will highlight your SDS size ok?

So let's say if you are size 20 just move and go here, 20 so automatically the size chart will highlight your SDS size.OK?? It's quick and easy!

Again we have the same benefit, the same option to locate the size chart on the product page so lets say if  you are looking at the shorts, loving the shorts, i want to buy the shorts, I just want to see what size I am so on the product page we scroll down and just over the add to cart you also have access to the size chart

You click it will open and again the same process.

UK size click over the size chart will highlight your SDS size and then you're ready to go and start shopping! ok?

So from here I know I am UK size 10 and I know on SDS legging I am size medium, so from here I just close go to the sizes and I can select my size here.

So in this case size medium. Which is out of stock

But you can leave your email here and we will notify you when the leggings are back in stock. But thats the process. So let's say here if you are size extra small, is in stock and just add to cart and you are all sorted.


So, one of the most popular questions that I get at SDS is…

Sara, I am between sizes, should I go up or should I go down ??

So what I normally say - go DOWN!

Remember these are compression leggings they are designed to hug you up and make you feel confident.

The exception that I say go to the bigger size is...

If you are postpartum and you want a little bit more comfort or you are a lucky one and the have the bigger bum, you will need the bigger size as well.

So, girls, I hope I have helped you today find the right size of SDS  leggings if after all the information you still have questions there is no problem I love to speak with you!

I actually have a WhatsApp business number that you can contact me and I will reply asap or you can email me at..

And I will reply to you with all the information about the sizes.

Thank you and see you next time!


In summary:

  1. get your size in UK number size
  2. locate the size chart, on the size page or product page
  3. Click on the UK size number relevant to you - Remember I used UK 10-12
  4. One the table highlights your size, use the SDS size reference on the top of the chart to pick your size - my size was ‘M’
  5. If your size is between sizes, choose a size down, so our example was UK 10 so we choose UK 10-12


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