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Anastasia Ivanova - Video leggings Review

Hey Girls...  Anastasia Ivanova is a Russian Londoner, Pro Bikini Competitor 🏆Miami Pro'16 Overall Winner, Fashion & fitness adventures! She has a very popular Youtube channel where she gives VERY HONEST reviews about the most popular leggings brand on the market, brands like Nike, Gymshark, Adidas, Sara da Silva and others... she shares her training, journey to her competition and amazing tips!   On her latest video she reviewed Brazilian leggings and guess what?! She is featuring 3 pairs of Sara Da Silva leggings...  Please, watch, share! :)  

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PRODUCT LAUNCH - Limited Edition "Verde Khaki" green sportswear legging available to buy from Friday 6th April

  NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH - Limited Edition"Verde Khaki" green sportswear legging available to buy from Friday 6th April Last month Sara Da Silva Brazilian Sportswear teamed up with online platform MAYBE to ask our facebook followers to guess which colour we chose for our new coloured legging.  The winner by a country mile was of course the khaki green, so based on your resounding response and feedback we were in no doubt that this was not only our favourite colour it was yours too. Due to “hit the shelves” on Friday the “Verde Khaki” will be available to buy from 9:00am GMT on the 6th of April at our website to the lucky few who get to the front of the...

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HIGH FASHION - The end of an era

  Normally when production of an item of clothing finishes nobody really takes any notice, after all its just a material object, but as most can probably testify as humans we tend to fall in love with the most inanimate of objects. For those oh so simple creatures men, its usually a car, or to a lesser extent their favourite and very smelly gym trainers. For the ladies, that expensive handbag, a pair of fancy shoes, diamond ring or more appropriately in our case that pair of Sara Da Silva "High Fashion" leggings. The High Fashion (HF) legging which has been on sale for over a year has been a firm favourite with Sara Da Silva fans ever since the first...

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      I'm the a kind of friend that would always be busy, I do make the effort to meet friend and find time for myself but I'm constantly trying to find ways to have more time and be more practical. I find apps really useful for it and that is the reason I decide to share with you guys...   Here is top 3 apps that I currently use most and why I love them :   MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal is a free smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise to determine optimal caloric intake and nutrients for the users' goals and uses gamification elements to motivate users. Headspace: Meditation made simple. Guided meditations suitable for all...

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7 features your fitness wear must have!

Before buying an activewear there are lots of things to consider besides the price. Especially in times of economic crisis, people tend to consider the lowest price as the main factor when deciding to buy something - this applies to fitness outfits but also to clothes, accessories, and electronics. But is it really the most important thing? What if you bought a good quality leggings that would cost a bit more? If it’s the right outfit, your investment will pay itself off. Wanna see? 1- Looks We’re starting with an important feature but it is actually the least important thing. Can a fitness outfit be all black? Yes, it can. But let’s be honest, a little color, a little fabric mixing, a...

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