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YOU ARE SO LOVELY   You are glowing. Your smile lights up the world.   You are strong. Your resilience is inspirational.   You are brave. The way you live your life empowers me.   You are trying your best. Always remember that.   You are beautiful. Exactly the way you are.   You are perfectly imperfect. And imperfectly perfect.   You are more than enough. Way more than enough.   You are special. So much more special than you could ever imagine.   You are so lovely. You really are …   What if you were to continue this stream of positive messages? What could you say to yourself that you already say to your loved ones? (Text from...

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FOOD IS NOT THE SOLUTION!   If hunger is not the problem, food is not the solution.   Many times we eat when we are not physically hungry. We eat to disassociate from our body. We eat to "feel better". We eat for emotional comfort. We eat so we don't have to feel a negative emotion.   Our body is designed to eat when we're hungry and stop eating when we're full.   If you are eating because you're seeking emotional comfort, so hunger is not the problem, then food is not the solution.   Don't eat!   Before you eat: - Ask yourself "Why am I eating this?" - Identify what emotion you're avoiding or resisting - Allow yourself...

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12 Healthy Places to Eat in Dublin By Kaman Ryan

  Happy Pear: a trip here is the health nut’s (present company included) version of going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. They have a grocery shop with organic vegetables and foods, along with a fantastic restaurant that serves delicious salads, meals, and healthy desserts. My favourite was the Normandy Bake, absolutely loaded with beans, butternut squash, and cheese. The Punnet: Their sporting backgrounds have given owners James Norton and Darragh Buckley a perceptive insight into what customers want and need to fuel their active lifestyles. From tasty protein balls to a wide range of salads, wraps, juices, and coffees, this is a great spot to order a pickup lunch, or perhaps to suggest to your HR department as a place...

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Can't Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS!

Why do you give up on your health goals? You set a goal to lose weight, you make a commitment with yourself because you are actually very good at making commitments! Once you make the commitment, you feel very excited and determine! You start to plan your meals, sign up for the gym, or for a programme and you are now you are fired up. And all of that feels amazing. But then what happens? Just after you made the commitment, the reality sets in. And how do you feel? You start feeling deprivation, confusion, fear, doubt, anger, sadness, overwhelm, shame, rebellion, you name it… This is all that happens, you feel these terrible emotions. And what you make all of...

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